PhD Students

Ayush Agarwal (2016) - RRI, Bangalore

Thesis Title: Pore Forming Mechanism of an alpha- Helical Cytolysin.

Rajat Desikan (2015)- Invictus Oncology, Delhi

Thesis Title: Molecular Analysis of the Pore Forming Mechanism of an alpha- Helical Cytolysin.

Thakkar, Foram (2011) - Shell, Bangalore

Thesis Title: Investigations of Polymer Drafted Lipid Bilayers using Dissipative Particle Dynamics.

Patil, Kalyan G. (2009) - Michelin India Tyres, Chennai

Thesis Title: Understanding Structure and Growth of Physisorbed Films: A Combined Atomic Force Microscopy and Modeling Study.

Ateeque Malani (2009)- IITB,Mumbai

Thesis Title: Structure and Dynamics of Interfacial and Confined Water.

Krishnan, S. H. (2005) - Samsung,Bangalore

Thesis Title: Dynamics and Relaxation of Fluids Confined in Nanopores.

Kamala C.R (2005)

Thesis Title: Mass Transport in Confined Binary Mixtures: Importance of Contribution from Distinct


Basak, Tanmay (1999)- IITM, Chennai

Thesis Title: Analysis of Microwave Thawing

MSc Students

Amit Behera (2018) - HPCL

Tonnishtha Dasgupta (2014)- PhD, SHELL, Netherlands

Thesis Title: Role of functional groups on carbon-dioxide adsorption in activated carbon

Vaidyanathan M.S (2012) - PhD, Austin Texas

Thesis Title: Modelling the action of pore forming toxins and membrane rupture processes

Vinay S.Kandagil (2012)- PhD student at DEAKIN UNIVERSITY

Thesis Title: Capture and Storage of Carbon-dioxide by Adsorption

Debosruti Datta (2009) - South Florida, USA

Thesis Title: Methane Storage in Activated Carbon Nanostructures

Vinit Choudhary (2005) - Exxonmobil, New Jersey

Thesis Title: Molecular Simulations and Modelling of Mass Transport in Carbon Nanotubes

Hrishikesh, B. (2004) - Asia Pacific Risk Management Services, Chennai

Thesis Title: Phase Transitions of Fluids Confined in Nanopores

Pushpam Kumar Sinha (2002)

Thesis Title: Monte Carlo Simulations of Self Assembled Monolayers

Sen Gupta, Tirthankar (2002) - Post.Doc, IISc.

Thesis Title: Heating in Multiphase Systems using Electromagnetic Radiation

Sandeep, Pal (2002)

Thesis Title: Ion Exchange and Structure of Water in Reverse Micelles

Samantaray, Prasant (2002)

Thesis Title: Modeling of Adsorption of Metal Ions on Bacterial Surface

Ghatak, Chandana (2000)

Thesis Title: Molecular Simulations of Fluids confined in Smooth and Rough Nanopores

Chatterjee, Anindita (1996) - GE Consumer Finance, Bangalore

Thesis Title: Microwave Sintering of Ceramics

M.E Students

Sai Kumar 2015-2017

Sirajuddin (2015)- Management Trainee at United Phosphorus Limited, Belgaum

Project Title: Molecular Dynamic Simulations to Probe Interactions of Buffer Molecules with Lipid Bilayers

John Antony (2014) - Kerala

Project Title: Study of Pore Forming Toxins on Vesicles

Saurabh Umrao (2012) – Ph.D, IISc.

Project Title: Preparation of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles

Amar Deep Pathak (2011) - SHELL, Bengaluru

Project Title: Gas Storage using Nano Materials

Vijay Kale (2010) - DRDO, Pune

Project Title: Understanding Structural and Dynamic Properties of Nanoparticles.

Preeta Datta (2009)- NCSU

Project Title: Effect of Substrates on the Melting Transition of Gold Nanoparticles

Arnab Senapati (2008)- GE, Bangalore

Project Title: Coarse Graining of Water by the Reverse Monte Carlo Method

V. Arun Kumar (2007)- CSTEP, Bangalore

Project Title: Multiscale Simulations of Surfactant Mesophases using Molecular Dynamics.

Palla Venkata Gopala Rao (2007) - Halliburton, Pune

Project Title: Nucleation in Reverse Micelles.

Indranil Saha Dalal (2005)- Faculty, IITK

Project Title: Monte Carlo Simulation of Confined Water.

Harish Khajuria (2005) - PhD, UK

Project Title: A Mathematical Model for Microwave Induced Demulsification.

Pankaj Kharat (2004) - Geometic, Pune

Project Title: Molecular Theory of Transport in Zeolites NaY.

Vishal Gupta (2004) - MBA, Bangalore

Project Title: Ion Exchange and Structure of Water in Reverse Micelles.

Headaoo, Virendra (2001)

Project Title: Effect of Surface Roughness on the Solvation Force.

Basa, J. (2000)

Project Title: Molecular Modelling of Clustering and Nucleation in Salt Solution.

Kamakshi, J. (2000) - U.of Wisconsin, Madison

Project Title: Structural Transitions of Diatomic Molecules in Slit Graphite Pores.

Jain, R. (2000)

Project Title: Monte Carlo Simulation of Nitrogen Adsorption in Single Walled Carbon Nanotube.

Shaktivel, M. (2000) - Infosys

Project Title: Phonon Spectrum of Confined Fluids using Molecular Dynamics.

Arora, R. (2000) - TCS

Project Title: Equilbrium Modeling of Biosorption.

Annamalai, G. (1999)

Project Title: Adsorption Isotherms of Small Molecules in Zeolite NaA.

Bhattacharya Madhuchanda (1998)- IISc, Bangalore

Project Title: On the Analysis of Phase Change Problems with the Enthalpy Formulation.

Saha, Partha Pratim (1997) - Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd., Haldia

Project Title: Molecular Dynamics Study of Diffusion in Carbon Nanotubes.

Khan, Ifadat Ali (1996)

Project Title: Adsorption Studies in Carbon Nanotubes.

V Shankar (1995)

Project Title: Molecular Simulation of Fluids Confined in Carbon Nanotubes.